#UrbanUpboundMothers: Wendy Cohen, Adapting and Carrying On

Wendy Mejia Cohen and her two kids.

Looking for support during COVID

Before the pandemic, Wendy had to work two jobs to be able to fulfill her family’s everyday needs. She worked as a home health aide at a health care provider and as a maintenance technician for a big chain retail wholesaler. During the pandemic, there was never a doubt that she needed to spend more time taking care of her children, especially because of school closures.

Urban Upbound’s Support

Wendy walked into the Urban Upbound’s Far Rockaway office in the summer of 2019. Ready to start a new career, she expressed her interest in the home health care industry. Even though she was unable to afford enrollment in the training course, Urban Upbound’s partnership with Edison Home Health Care allowed Wendy to participate in the training free of charge. After her certification, she was immediately hired. Wendy never lost contact with our counselor and benefited from our services beyond just job searching. Wendy utilizes Urban Upbound’s Free Tax Preparation Services to file her annual taxes.



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Urban Upbound NYC

Urban Upbound NYC

A collection of stories around NYC’s public housing communities curated by Urban Upbound, a non-profit organization with a mission to break cycles of poverty.