Urban Upbound’s hosts Career Training & Job Fair in Partnership with LaGuardia Community College and Queens Borough President’s Office

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3 min readNov 16, 2023

On November 15, 2023, Urban Upbound partnered with LaGuardia Community College and the Queens Borough President’s Office to host Career Training & Job Fair: Pathways To Success that brought together over 35 employers and more than 325 participants. This includes 200 new clients and 125 existing clients from our various programs around the city.

The event was not just a traditional job fair; it was a platform for individuals seeking employment to connect with potential employers, receive on-the-spot interviews, and gain guidance from the dedicated Urban Upbound staff.

The morning session from 10am-12pm, focused on training and credential certifications provided by LaGuardia Community College. The sessions were broken down by interest including, Health Care, Trades- IT, (A+ ), Cyber Security, Construction Industry and Pre College Prep.

Engaging Employers:

The heart of the job fair was the impressive lineup of over 35 employers from various industries, eager to connect with potential candidates. From local businesses to corporate giants, the diverse range of employers provided a broad spectrum of opportunities for job seekers. The employers actively engaged with clients, discussing job openings, company cultures, and career paths. The informal setting fostered meaningful connections between employers and job seekers, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and support.

On-the-Spot Interviews:

One of the standout features of the Urban Upbound job fair was the opportunity for on-the-spot interviews. Clients had the chance to make a lasting impression with employers and showcase their skills and qualifications. The immediacy of the interviews allowed for real-time feedback and increased the likelihood of successful matches between employers and candidates. This dynamic approach to the job fair created a sense of excitement and urgency, turning the event into a catalyst for immediate employment opportunities.

Guidance from Urban Upbound Staff:

Throughout the day, the Urban Upbound staff played a crucial role in supporting clients. They offered guidance on navigating the job fair, introduced clients to potential employers, and provided emotional support to those navigating the often challenging job-seeking process. The dedication of the staff ensured that clients felt empowered and confident in their interactions with employers.

By bringing together a diverse group of employers and providing clients with the tools they needed to succeed, Urban Upbound demonstrated its commitment to empowering individuals and strengthening communities. The success of the job fair serves as a testament to the positive impact that focused, community-driven initiatives can have on the lives of individuals seeking meaningful employment opportunities.

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