Supporting the Astoria Community

The successful flattening of the COVID-19 new case’s curve in New York has brought hope to many. And while we await for an end to the pandemic, there is much recovery work to do. After initially pausing all in-person appointments and switching to virtually servicing our clients — with the exception of the Urban Upbound Federal Credit Union which remained open throughout the worst of the pandemic — we cautiously began reopening our offices in the summer. To cheer and reconnect with the residents of Astoria Houses, Urban Upbound has been conducting outdoor community events.

During these events, we prepare fun light snacks such as cotton candy, distribute PPE, and hold raffles. These events are also a good opportunity to share more detailed information about Urban Upbound’s comprehensive suite of services and sign-up new clients. We have also been heavily promoting the 2020 Census and helping residents access the census website.

At the last event this past Friday, residents from over 50 households came out and interacted with us, many interested in our employment services. Many new clients have been coming to us after being furloughed or laid off, trying to secure a new job. These community events are part of our Relief and Recovery efforts, and they will continue routinely.

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Urban Upbound NYC

A collection of stories around NYC’s public housing communities curated by Urban Upbound, a non-profit organization with a mission to break cycles of poverty.