Riding to New Heights: Brittany Hickman Success Story

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2 min readJun 9, 2022

By Urban Upbound Staff Members

Photo Credit: Urban Upbound

Brittany Hickman is an active member of the East Harlem Community, a loving mother, and the owner of a small business fashion brand. Brittany came to Urban Upbound’s East Harlem location with her eyes set on achieving financial stability and securing a full time position.

The East Harlem team prepared Brittany for the job search process, helped her secure interviews, and gave her tips and tricks along the way. A key component to Brittany’s success what attending an Urban Upbound hiring event with Citibike in East Harlem. At the event, clients could put the skills they learned at Urban Upbound’s Interview Skills Orientation to the test. Besides raffles, giveaways, free-tax prep, and games… interviews were conducted on the spot.

Photos from Urban Upbound’s Citibike Hiring Event on April 18, 2022 — East Harlem, NY

We are proud to share Brittany was one of the 21 clients who were hired that day, with starting wages at $20/hour.

Brittany is now working for Motivate, the operations and logistics partners for Citibike. Brittany aspires to grow with the company and eventually take on a leadership role.

Urban Upbound Career Counselor Perla shares, “Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing! We see Brittany reaching every mountain top she sets her eyes on.”

Urban Upbound will continue to support Brittany along her career path, ensuring she reaches her career goals and achieves financial stability.

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