Encouraging Progress and Pushing Boundaries

For 16 years and guided by our mission to break cycles of poverty, Urban Upbound has been serving public housing and other low-income communities to give residents a hand up. And with every client we meet, our determination grows. This time, we spoke with 38-year-old Samuel Louis Charles, who recently published a book!

In April 2019, Samuel came to Urban Upbound seeking assistance in his employment search. He shared that past interactions with law enforcement had made it harder for him to find a job. At the time, Samuel lived in a shelter in Harlem yet he was determined to find a job and move into an apartment with his wife.

An Urban Upbound employment counselor began working with Samuel. Our counselor helped him update his resume and brush up on his interviewing skills. We also helped Samuel connect to prospective employers and a short time after, Samuel was offered a job as a general laborer. However, our work did not end there. Our counselor kept in touch to offer further guidance and hear how Samuel was doing.

During one of these check-ins, we learned of Samuel’s intention to publish a book he had finished writing earlier this year. With grit and brimming with self-motivation, Samuel found a publisher and last week walked into our office to show us the first printed copy of his science-fiction book: Genmist Goes to Brooklyn. We are very proud of you, Samuel. Congratulations!

Watch more stories of New Yorkers overcoming obstacles once offered a hand up at our Relief and Recovery Virtual Benefit on Wednesday, October 21st, 2020. Join the LIVE program at 7 PM, with music by Eric B., raffle prizes, and more! To receive updates, follow our social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter. If you’d like to help more people in our community, please consider making a donation.



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A collection of stories around NYC’s public housing communities curated by Urban Upbound, a non-profit organization with a mission to break cycles of poverty.